Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rhianna good girl gone bad or gone 2 da DEVIL!!!

RHIANNA devil or just an egdy look.
ok, i know by now every one heard that miss RHIANNA international pop star has turned to the devil with the help of one Mr. Jay-z nd his wife beyonce. Recent rumors have benn floating that jay-z turned rhianna too the devil worshiping side of life.
which in my opion i dont think its a new loo i think her nd jay-z and beyonce are into too worshiping the devil just look at her new albums nd her new singel take for instance "Russian Roulette". i never really liked rhianna i dont trust no one who thinks throwing glass bottles at her brothers head is ok; in fact i think thats why chris brown beat her(i still dont think he did it) but any who i think because , she was trying to get him to turn to the dark and being the good christain boy chris brown is he denied her and she got mad and stated attacking him so he swung on the trcik lol thats my opion lls. but take a listen to his song and i mean really listen to the words you can hera shes talking about the devil and about how hes never far and a bunch of that B.S coming out her mouth...too me the song is about how the devil t told her how to come to him by killing her self and in return he can get her soul as long as she can get fame and fortune out of it... in her song she saying "he(DEVIL) told her too take the gun and shoot her self and everything will be alright" who else can she possilby be talkin about right. Answer me this how did a girl from a sweet little island at first come looking like a litte pritzy girl singing about telling the DJ to turn the music up in a club(PONDE REPLAY) to singing about death, cheating, being disturded and being unfaithful all of it leads up to her being up faithful to god and turnig he back on her religion. So in conclusion i think all of Def Jams artist need to quit and leave the devil shit alone before they get more than what they bargain for. People just need to stop listening to rhianna stop buying her music she already ruined chris brown career now she trying to ruin drakes we cant let her get away with it.. she must be stopped lol. no but on all realness something needs to be done about his girl no joke. Im still in shock that every one believe that CHRIS BROWN put his hands on that devil worshiping hoe. He would never do that he just said he did too get it all over with. at first she said she wanted it to be over but she still out there doing interviews adding fuel to the alreading blazing fire. She trying to elimnate people careers, shes young and dumb and soon she wll learn,she will learn and Beyonce doesnt even count she was homed school so she cant help accountable for her actionz. IM DONE WITH THIS SUBJECT I SPOKE ON IT KNOW ITS OVER.